The Best Full-Sized Strollers

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Note: There is no one universal “best,” especially when it comes to parenting. These are “The Best Full-Sized Strollers” based on Also Mom's strict criteria, detailed here. 

Full-sized strollers are like the SUVs of baby gear– they provide a wonderfully comfortable ride and look awesome doing it, but there are limits to their practicality, especially in cities and tight spaces.

These are the best full-sized strollers, in loose order of preference:

  1. UPPAbaby Vista (~$840 and up including bassinet) – Beautiful and functional too, it's no surprise the UPPAbaby Vista is one of the most popular strollers on the market today. The newest UPPAbaby Vista has a modern look with leather accents and on trend colors. It rides smoothly, maneuvers well, accommodates up to three children at once (two seats plus a ride-along board), folds and unfolds simply, and comes standard with all the important accessories, including a bassinet. The only downside (which is a direct tradeoff of what makes this stroller so great), is that like other strollers in its category, the Vista is large and not ideal for tight spaces or small trunks. [full review]
  2. Baby Jogger City Select Lux (~$830 including bassinet) – A popular alternative to the UPPAbaby Vista, the City Select Lux has a modern look, a more compact fold than the Vista and the City Select, accommodates up to three children at once (two seats plus a ride-along board), has a handbrake decelerator great for large hills, and is compatible with all the best car seats. On the downside, it is heavier and has a more industrial, unfinished look than the slightly more popular Vista. [full review]
  3. Bugaboo Fox ($1200 and up including bassinet fabric) – The new Bugaboo Fox is everything we wish the Cameleon 3 would've been and more. Weighing in at less than 22 pounds, the Fox is one of the lightest full-size strollers on the market, without many compromises. It accommodates children up to 48.5 pounds, has gorgeous fabrics and accessories, pushes smoothly over most terrain thanks to its large wheels and suspension, and is an all-around fantastic luxury stroller. The only downsides are that the toddler seat does not recline flat as the Cybex Priam and Nuna Mixx2 seats do, the footrest is not adjustable, and the Fox does not convert to a double stroller (though it accommodates a ride-along board for older children). [full review]
  4. Cybex Priam Lux ($1300 including trekking frame + bassinet) – The Lux is positively gorgeous, features a full lay flat recline (love!), and is very customizable to your needs— with light tires for smooth surfaces, trekking tires for hybrid surfaces, and all-terrain tires for bumpier surfaces. Only the rear wheels have suspension, but the ride is very smooth regardless. Plus, the sun canopy is wonderfully huge, and this stroller is compatible with all our favorite infant car seats. The downsides are that the Priam is expensive, its fold is bulky and multi-step, and it is not convertible, meaning it can be used for one kid and one kid only. [full review]
  5. Nuna Mixx2 ($730 including bassinet) – Classic European look. Nearly flat recline. Modular. All-wheel suspension. Extendable oversize canopy. Super smooth ride. European-style bassinet sold separately. The only two downsides are that this is a single stroller only (see the Nuna Demi Grow for a similar convertible stroller) and the fold is very bulky and long. Definitely measure your trunk before purchasing! [full review]
  6. Mamas and Papas Ocarro ($860 including bassinet) – A single stroller with a modern, luxury look, the Ocarro folds relatively small for a luxury stroller, even if the fold itself is a bit complicated. It also features a lay flat recline, an adjustable foot rest, a super cushy seat, nice suspension, and is compatible with the best infant car seats. Really the only thing we have against this stroller is that it does not convert to a double. It's gorgeous! [full review]
  7. Cybex Priam 2-in-1 ($1100 including bassinet fabric) – The Cybex Priam 2-in-1 is very similar to the Cybex Priam Lux, but with a few key differences. First, the 2-in-1 seat becomes a bassinet with a few easy adjustments, meaning one fewer thing to buy and one fewer thing to store between kids. Second, the toddler seat does not feature a full flat recline, though it does have a very deep bucket seat recline similar to the recline on the Vista or City Select Lux. And third, the look is not quite as high end as the Priam Lux's, though it is still very high-end. [full review]
  8. Nuna Demi Grow ($980 including bassinet) – A gorgeous, well-designed stroller with a classic European look, the Nuna Demi Grow converts to a cozy double stroller with the addition of a sibling seat (sold separately). Compared to the Mixx2, the Demi Grow has a bucket seat recline versus a nearly flat recline, a different folding mechanism, and accommodates a second seat. Compared to the UPPAbaby Vista and Baby Jogger City Select Lux, the Demi Grow is very similar in terms of quality and size, the main difference being that the second seat on the Demi Grow is situated below and behind instead of below and in front of the main toddler seat. Many kids find this positioning to be cozy and love it. Shorter parents may find that this seat gets in the way when they try to push the stroller. [full review]
  9. Mutsy Evo ($600 and up including bassinet) – A fashion blogger favorite, the Mutsy Evo has been making the rounds on social media. It is very photogenic, after all, and functional to boot. It features vegan leather accents, a near flat recline, a European-style bassinet, and can be set up to be forward or parent-facing. On the downside, it is a single stroller only (totally fine given the price point), has no suspension (but large, absorbent tires), and a bulky fold. [full review]
  10. Joovy Qool ($650 including bassinet) – This is an affordable convertible, modular stroller that accommodates three children, looks nice, and is compatible with our favorite infant car seats. Given the price, there are some compromises– the fold is bulky, it is heavy, the footrest is not adjustable, and the large storage basket is difficult to access. [full review]
  11. Baby Jogger City Select ($730 including bassinet) – A less expensive alternative to the City Select Lux, the City Select is similar but lacks suspension, doesn't have a decelerating hand brake, has a bulkier fold than the Lux, and has limited good-looking color selections. Like the Lux, it accommodates up to three children at once (two seats plus a ride-along board) and is compatible with every infant car seat we recommend. It also costs less, which is why many choose it despite it being a bumpier, less on trend ride. [full review]
  12. Britax B-Ready ($670 including bassinet) – With a similar modern look to the more expensive UPPAbaby Vista when used as a single stroller, the Britax B-Ready is a plausible option if you're okay with a few compromises. The B-Ready has solid suspension, a nice bassinet, and even converts to a double stroller– but the configuration for the double stroller is suboptimal, with the second seat going behind and underneath the primary seat, making the stroller more difficult to push.  [full review]
  13. Joolz Geo 2 ($1000 including bassinet) – The Joolz Geo2 has a modern Euro look, rolls smoothly, and is compatible with our favorite infant car seats… but it has some flaws. As a double stroller, the Geo2 is designed somewhat sub-optimally, with the second seat attaching behind and below the primary seat. Thanks to the extra long handlebar, the second seat doesn't get in the way much, but it does take the place of the storage basket (meaning in double mode, there is zero-zilch-nada storage). Additionally, this stroller is not modular, the footrest is not adjustable, and the fold is quite bulky. We love the way it looks, but there are better options out there. [full review]

Which is the Best Full-Sized Stroller for Your Family?

If you want a gorgeous stroller for one baby… the Bugaboo FoxCybex Priam Lux, UPPAbaby Vista, Baby Jogger City Select LuxCybex Priam 2-in-1,  Nuna Mixx2, Mamas and Papas Ocarro, and Mutsy Evo are all solid options.

If you want a gorgeous stroller that converts to a double stroller… the UPPAbaby Vista, Baby Jogger City Select Lux, Nuna Demi Grow, and Joolz Geo 2 all convert from single strollers to double strollers, looking great in both modes.

If you want a less expensive, but still nice single stroller that converts to a double stroller… the Joovy Qool, Britax B-Ready, and Baby Jogger City Select aren't quite as fancy as the strollers mentioned above, but the price tags are considerably less eye-popping and the quality is still high.

If you want a super high-end stroller and don't mind that it doesn't convert to a double stroller… the Bugaboo FoxCybex Priam Lux, and Cybex Priam 2-in-1 have that super high-end look and feel.

If you want a beautiful single stroller but don't want to spend too much… the Mutsy Evo is a great on-trend option.

How to Know if a Full-Sized Stroller is Right for Your Family

A full-sized is right for you if you…

  • Want the option to use a bassinet, a car seat, or a standard seat on the same stroller frame
  • Want a stroller that can convert to a double stroller for twins or a second kiddo down the road (only some strollers listed here can do that)
  • Want a luxury look and luxury ride for your babe (though some are more lux than others)
  • Have adequate storage space for a large stroller somewhere in your home or garage
  • Have adequate trunk space for the folded stroller, or plan to have a second stroller for car trips
  • Do not need to navigate super tight spaces, or plan to have a second stroller for when you do
  • Do not travel often, or plan to have a second stroller for when you do

What Makes a Great Full-Sized Stroller

To us, the best full-sized stroller…

  • Looks fantastic and suits your personal style, with bonus points for leather details
  • Folds small enough to fit where you need it to fit (garage, trunk, etc.)
  • Is compatible with your infant car seat
  • Has a bassinet for small infants
  • Has a seat that reclines significantly or completely
  • Has the right type of wheels and maneuverability for your lifestyle
  • Is all around versatile, with bonus points for being modular (parent-facing or forward-facing), and in the best cases, convertible to a double stroller

What Didn't Make the Cut

And these are some popular full-sized strollers we don't love as much…

  • Bugaboo Cameleon 3 ($999): Although this stroller is gorgeous, it is way too expensive for what it is. At a $1000+ price tag, it is more expensive than our favorite strollers, and it does a lot less. The seat’s weight limit is only 37.5 pounds, the lowest in the full-sized stroller category. To fold, you must first remove the seat, then do a series of complicated steps, resulting in a very bulky folded package. It also does not convert to a double stroller (though you can attach a Wheeled Board for a larger child), and it does not have an adjustable footrest. All things being equal, we’d way rather spend our money on a different full-sized stroller. The Bugaboo Fox is our favorite alternative.
  • Bugaboo Donkey (~$1400 including bassinet) – Holy expensive. The Donkey is an expandable side-by-side convertible stroller, that goes from a “mono,” supporting one child and an additional small side-storage basket to a “duo,” supporting two children side-by-side. This stroller might be great for you if you live somewhere with wide sidewalks or pathways, don't plan to navigate any tight spaces, and want a super luxury ride for your babes. Otherwise, we prefer the Vista, City Select Lux, or Demi Grow strollers, which are all still plenty fancy, but support a narrower strolling position for better maneuverability and are less expensive.
  • Baby Jogger City Premier ($430): While this stroller technically has all the bells and whistles, a few of the finer details are clunky and awkward. The brake sticks and it’s extremely difficult to reposition the harness when you’re sizing up or down. The seat pad pops up. The canopy doesn’t always stay put. If you find a deal and the price is right, this stroller might still be worth it, since the most important elements function well, but for full price, there are better options out there.
  • Mima Xari ($1450 and up): A fully leatherette stroller, the Xari has a gorgeous, eye-catching look to it that makes it easily covetable. Unfortunately, it’s not a particularly practical stroller. Similar to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3, the stroller’s weight limit is a mere 37 pounds, and the seat-to-canopy height is only 21 inches. At roughly $1450 for the standard model, the Xari costs even more than the Cameleon 3, weighs more than most luxury strollers on the market, and does not convert to a double stroller. If you’re in love with the look, this stroller is worth considering. However, if practicality is important to you, look elsewhere.
  • Stokke Xplory (~$1000): We just can’t get behind the futuristic look of this Stokke stroller and prefer alternatives.
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