Nuna Demi Grow Review

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A gorgeous, well-designed stroller with a classic European look, the Nuna Demi Grow converts to a cozy double stroller with the addition of a sibling seat (sold separately). Compared to the Nuna Mixx2, the Demi Grow has a bucket seat recline versus a nearly flat recline, a different folding mechanism, and accommodates a second seat. Compared to the UPPAbaby Vista and Baby Jogger City Select Lux, the Demi Grow is very similar in terms of quality and size, the main difference being that the second seat on the Demi Grow is situated below and behind (instead of below and in front of) the main toddler seat. Many kids find this positioning to be cozy and love it. Shorter parents may find that this seat gets in the way as they push the stroller.

Things We Love

  • Beautiful European Design: The Demi Grow has a classic European look. All of the color options look sharp, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.
  • Cozy Bassinet: Nuna sells its European-style bassinet separately for $179.95. It features a hidden pocket, a compact, flat fold, and a dream drape for sun coverage. (Note: This bassinet is different from the one used on the Nuna Mixx 2.) 
  • Nice Recline for a Bucket Seat; Adjustable Footrest: The Demi Grow features a multi-position recline; however, due to the molded bucket seat, the seat will never recline completely flat. The seat is technically approved for newborn use, but for the safest fit, newborns will need to use the bassinet or car seat. The footrest is easily adjustable with a single lever. 
  • Good-Sized Storage Basket: As a single stroller, the Demi Grow features a super large storage basket. Most of that space gets taken up by the second seat when this stroller is used as a double, but even so, there is enough room for a small diaper bag. 
  • Convertible to Double Stroller: The Demi Grow converts to a double stroller with the addition of a sibling seat, sold separately. The second seat sits behind and below the identical main seat.
  • Solid Suspension; Big Wheels: The Demi Grow features foam-filled wheels and four-wheel suspension for a reasonably smooth ride even on more uneven surfaces. It is not an off-road stroller and will not fare super well on dirt paths, gravel or sand, though if you lock the front wheels, you will be able to push it through grass or along dirt paths.
  • Forward or Parent-Facing: The seat can face forward or backward, depending on your preference.
  • Oversized Extendable Canopy: The sun canopy extends all the way to the bumper bar for maximum coverage.
  • Most but Not All Important Accessories Included: The Demi Grow comes with a bumper bar, two sets of car seat adapters, wheel fenders, and a rain cover. All other accessories, like the bassinet, second seat, bug shields, and footmuffs are sold separately.
  • Compatible with Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi Cosi Car Seats: Although the car seat compatibility for the Demi Grow is limited technically to Nuna car seats, Maxi Cosi and Cybex also use the same adapter mechanism, and therefore, the Demi Grow is compatible with all three brands. These adapters are included with the stroller.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Heavy: Weighing in at about 30 pounds as a single and about 35 pounds as a double, the Nuna Demi Grow is one of the heavier luxury strollers out there.
  • Simple, Bulky Fold: The Demi Grow folds very simply. The end result is rather bulky, so make sure to measure your trunk to make sure this stroller will fit in it before purchasing.
  • “Cozy” Second Seat Positioning; Not Ideal for Shorter Parents: While most second seats attach in front of and below the primary seat, on the Demi Grow, the second seat attaches behind and below the primary seat. Because of this, the second seat can feel like it's in the way while you’re pushing the stroller, especially if that second seat is reclined. Nuna solved for this by making the handlebar extra long so that the seat doesn’t trip you up, but the tall handlebar can be its own challenge if you’re on the shorter side.
  • Limited Storage as Double Stroller: As soon as you switch from a single to a double stroller with the Demi Grow, you are limited to minimal storage space. You can still fit a small diaper bag at the front of your storage basket, but it will be right against your child's feet. (Most kids don't mind one bit.)

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