We live in the world of “also.” We are women whose lives have been transformed by motherhood, and we also have full lives extending beyond our role as moms. We work hard to maintain our own passions and identities– as artists, entrepreneurs, corporate badasses, and homemakers, wives, friends, sisters, and daughters– while also being the best mothers we can be. To live this full life, we must be thinkers and strategizers, digging into underlying assumptions and working to determine the “best for” since we know there is no one universal “best,” especially when it comes to parenting and life in general. In this “also” is where we thrive.

In case you'd like to know a little more about the woman providing you with most of this content…

Hey. I'm Megan. I remember being pregnant with my first and cringing when women would tell me, “motherhood changes everything.” Having lived my life as a Type-A wearer of many hats, I was determined to weave motherhood in with my identity, rather than let it subsume me. I didn't want our home to become a wasteland of brightly colored plastic baby junk. I wanted to remain ambitious and true to myself beyond my role as mom.

Turns out my inner fire had no risk of dying, and it was sourcing beautiful, functional, and durable baby products– as well as holistic (but not hippie woowoo) life stage-appropriate baby advice– that was the hard part. As our daughter approached each new milestone, I dove into the depths of the internet to find the products and advice that would serve her while simultaneously bringing me joy.

My friends began to notice and ask for my lists and notes. Their friends too. Because who the hell has ten hours to spend researching car seats? Or strollers? Or reading the whole Baby Led Weaning book? Or Oh, Crap! Potty Training? Or… the list goes on and on. We'd all rather just ask our in-the-know friend for her CliffsNotes. But we don't always have a friend to ask.

So I decided to become that friend for… the internet. I decided to get serious about my research, to make things official by publishing my lists, my comparisons, and my reasons for loving some things and hating others. And voila. Here it is.

I hope Also Mom saves you a tremendous amount of time. I hope the advice we share from experts we trust and admire jives with you. I hope you feel like the women we profile here are your people, your tribe.

I love connecting with likeminded mamas, so if anything I just said sounds spot on to you, or if you have a question, a comment, or just want to say hey… shoot me a note at megan@alsomom.com. I have a feeling we'll get along famously.

-Megan Guimarin | San Francisco, CA