Also Mom is your go-to resource for motherhood wisdom, thoughtful parenting advice, and highly curated product recommendations. If it’s beautiful, functional, and essential to a more fulfilling, more easeful experience of motherhood, you can learn all about it—and find your tribe in the process—here.

I'm Megan Guimarin, founder and curator-in-chief behind everything you'll find here on Also Mom.


Consider me the gatherer—of information, people, and wisdom. I seek out, discover, and share all the good stuff. I bring together women who have been transformed by motherhood and who still have big identities beyond their role as moms. I pursue the truth of truths, gathering wisdom new and ancient to help make this motherhood journey more fulfilling and more fun.

Basically, I'm that mom friend you want in your corner, saving you time, money, and countless headaches.

More about me? I'm a little bit of all the archetypes you see here on Also Mom. I'm definitely a minimalist above all others. I'm also an athlete (yogi, rock climber, and retired World Champion equestrian vaulter to name a few), an adventurer (backcountry skiing is my jam), an entrepreneur, a lover of beautiful things/places/people, and in my heart of hearts, I aspire to become a wise and mystical home birth midwife when I grow up. I'm also a mom.

I created Also Mom because there's a tremendous amount of baby-related junk and "best practices" out there that are decidedly not the best under any circumstances. (In some cases, they're downright harmful.) I wanted to weed those out for you right off the bat.

There are also a lot of quality products and highly qualified experts out there proclaiming to be the best. In some cases, they really are the best (or may be the best for you, which is equally important!) and I want to sing their praises from the rooftops. In other cases (cough—luxury diapers—cough), they may just be charging big bucks for a product that is not, in fact, all that different from a lot of other similar products, so you should stop agonizing over what's "best" and just choose what you like.

Here's what I've discovered: Small choices and everyday habits may not be interesting enough to make headlines, but I strongly believe that these are the very things that can add up to a beautiful life.

That's why I search far and wide for the absolute best products, advice, and resources for moms.

I want you to live a beautiful life, and I'm betting you want the same.