Baby Jogger City Select Review

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A less expensive alternative to the City Select Lux, the Baby Jogger City Select is similar but lacks suspension, doesn't have a decelerating hand brake, has a bulkier fold than the Lux, and has limited good-looking color selections. Like the Lux, it accommodates up to three children at once (two seats plus a ride-along board) and is compatible with every infant car seat we recommend. It also costs less, which is why many choose it despite it being a bumpier, less on-trend ride.

Things We Love

  • Easy Fold; Some Caveats: The City Select folds easily and slightly more compactly than the Vista (though not as compactly as the Lux). It can also technically be folded with the second seat attached, but the seat will stick out significantly and make for a rather bulky fold.
  • Cozy Bassinet/Pram (Sold Separately); Limited Colors: Baby Jogger sells the “Deluxe Pram” separately from the City Select for $199.99. It is available in black, which is the only color we recommend for the City Select anyway. The City Select is also technically compatible with the City Select Pram Kit, but even though it’s black and only $89.99, it’s pretty janky looking. It’ll do if your budget’s tight, but it’s one of those situations where you get what you pay for.
  • Great Recline (for a Bucket Seat); Adjustable Footrest: The City Select has an easily adjustable footrest and reclines super deep with the push of a button; however, due to the molded bucket seat, the City Select will never recline completely flat. Newborns will need to use the bassinet or car seat and smaller infants who have outgrown the bassinet will need an infant insert for a proper fit.
  • Oversize Storage Basket: The City Select’s storage basket is objectively huge, and it's big enough for just about all you could ever need while out and about with baby. As a double stroller, the second seat does eat into this storage space, but even then there’ll always be enough room for a diaper bag and a few blankets.
  • Modular: The City Select’s seat easily pops off and flips around to be parent-facing or forward-facing.
  • Convertible to Double Stroller; Glider Board Too: The City Select converts to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat, sold separately, and you can even add a third child with the Glider Board. The second seat’s weight limit is the same as the primary seat’s weight limit, 45 pounds, which is 10 pounds higher than the UPPAbaby Vista's second seat weight limit.
  • Plenty of Legroom as a Parent-Facing Double Stroller: Both babies will have plenty of room and both seats can recline for a great nap when configured in the parent-facing position.
  • Facing Each Other Configuration: As a double, there is just enough room on this stroller to place the top seat forward facing and the bottom seat rear facing, so your babies can face each other. The babies won’t have a ton of legroom like this, but parents with twins love this feature, since it allows their babies to make eye contact and play even as they stroll.
  • Compatible with the Best Car Seats: The City Select is compatible with Britax, Chicco, Cybex, Graco, Maxi Cosi, Nuna, and Peg Perego car seats with adapters sold separately for $29.95.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Looks Sharp in Black; Meh in Other Colors: The Baby Jogger City Select looks nice in all black (black frame and black fabric), but it doesn’t look as great in most of the other color combinations, especially those with the metal frame.
  • Heavy: Weighing in at 28 pounds as a single stroller and 34 pounds as a double, the City Select is not the easiest to heave in and out of a trunk or carry up a flight of stairs.
  • Large Tires; No Suspension: The City Select sports large foam-filled tires, but no suspension. The ride is definitely bouncier than a stroll in the City Select Lux or UPPAbaby Vista.
  • No Accessories Included: Unlike the Vista, the City Select comes with zero accessories. If you want a bassinet, a bug shield, a rain shield or a bumper bar (all standard with the Vista), you’ll have to buy them separately. Other accessories parents might want, like car seat adapters, the second seat to convert to a double stroller, cup holders, parent organizers, stroller buntings, and more are sold separately.

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