Joolz Geo 2 Review

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The Joolz Geo 2 has a modern Euro look, rolls smoothly, and is compatible with our favorite infant car seats… but it has some flaws. As a double stroller, the Geo2 is designed somewhat sub-optimally, with the second seat attaching behind and below the primary seat. Thanks to the extra long handlebar, the second seat doesn't get in the way much, but it does take the place of the storage basket (meaning in double mode, there is zero-zilch-nada storage). Additionally, this stroller is not modular, the footrest is not adjustable, and the fold is quite bulky. We love the way it looks, but there are better options out there if you're looking for a convertible full-sized stroller.

Things We Love

  • Beautiful European Design: The Joolz Geo 2 is as Euro as they come, and you can’t go wrong with any of the options on offer.
  • Customizable Color Options: You can now add flair to your Geo 2 with a pop of color on the handle and belly bars. The fabric choices for the main stroller are mostly neutral, but you can go wild with your accents– or keep it classy with vegan leather. Customize your Geo 2 here.
  • Cozy Bassinet: The Geo 2 comes with a cozy bassinet for babies up to 22 pounds.
  • Nice Recline for a Bucket Seat: The Geo 2 features three-position recline; however, due to the molded bucket seat, the seat will never recline completely flat. 
  • Good-Sized Storage Basket: As a single stroller, the Geo 2 features a nicely-sized storage basket big enough to fit plenty of things.
  • Convertible to Double Stroller: The Geo 2 converts to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat, sold separately. The second seat’s weight limit is one of the higher weight limits on the market, at 45 pounds.
  • Solid Suspension; Big Wheels: The Geo 2 features foam-filled wheels and four-wheel suspension for a reasonably smooth ride even on more uneven surfaces. It is not an off-road stroller and will not fare super well on dirt paths, gravel or sand, though if you lock the front wheels, you will be able to push it through grass or along dirt paths.
  • Most but Not All Important Accessories Included: As a Mono, the Geo 2 comes with a bumper bar and a bassinet, in addition to the stroller frame, main seat, canopy, and storage basket. If you buy it as a Duo, it will also come with the second seat. All other accessories, like rain shields, bug shields, footmuffs, car seat adapters, and umbrellas are sold separately.
  • Compatible with Our Favorite Car Seats: Although the car seat compatibility for the Geo 2 is limited technically to Maxi Cosi and Nuna car seats, Cybex also uses the same adapter mechanism, and therefore, the Geo 2 is compatible with all three brands. It is also compatible with lesser known European brand, Kiddy. It is not compatible with other brands. Adapters sold separately.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Heavy: Weighing in at 30 pounds as a single and 36 pounds as a double, the Joolz Geo 2 is one of the heavier full-sized convertible strollers out there.
  • Simple, Bulky Fold: The Joolz Geo 2 folds very simply. The end result is rather bulky, so make sure to measure your trunk to make sure this stroller will fit in it before purchasing.
  • No Adjustable Footrest: The footrest is not adjustable.
  • Only Forward Facing: This stroller can only be used forward-facing and is not modular. However, both the bassinet and the car seat are parent-facing.
  • Annoying Four-Buckle Harness: Instead of two pieces, there are four separate pieces you must click in to secure the five-point harness, two hip strap buckles and two shoulder strap buckles.
  • Awkward Second Seat Positioning: While most second seats attach in front of and below the primary seat, on the Geo 2, the second seat attaches behind and below the primary seat. Because of this, the second seat can get in the way while you’re pushing the stroller, especially if that second seat is reclined in the slightest. Joolz solved for this by making the handlebar extra long so that the seat doesn’t trip you up, but the tall handlebar can be its own challenge if you’re on the shorter side.
  • No Storage Basket as Double Stroller: As soon as you switch from a single to a double stroller with the Joolz Geo 2, you can no longer use the storage basket at all. Since two babies need more stuff than one baby, this is a problem.

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