Silver Cross Wave Review

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This gorgeous European stroller is one of my favorite full-sized luxury strollers, but it’s also a tank. Definitely break out the measuring tape to make sure this will fit in your trunk before you commit!

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What is my absolute favorite thing about this luxury, full-sized, convertible stroller?

It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous in that classy, under-stated European way that makes my heart swoon. It’s also super functional, assuming you have space for a full-sized stroller.

What else is great about the Silver Cross Wave?

Suitable From Birth

  • Cozy, beautiful bassinet included with stroller

Better for Older Children

  • Taller seat for taller children, measuring 21” tall versus 19.5” for the comparable UPPAbaby Vista
  • Wider seat for larger children, measuring 13” wide versus 12” for the comparable UPPAbaby Vista
  • Weight limit of 55lbs for the main seat (vs. 50lbs for the UPPAbaby Vista) and 45lbs for the second tandem seat (vs. 35lbs for the UPPAbaby Vista)

Super Luxury Everything

  • Every last detail has been thought through with this stroller, and it shows!

Converts to a Double (and Triple) Stroller

  • Out of the box, this stroller can be used as a double stroller with both the bassinet and the toddler seat. A second toddler seat can be purchased separately.
  • To transform the Silver Cross Wave into a triple stroller, just add the Stroller Board. 

Handles Most Terrain Expertly

  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Excellent suspension
  • Lockable front wheels for trickier terrain (like sand)
  • Not suitable for extensive off-roading

What don’t I love about the Silver Cross Wave?

Large Folded Size

  • The folded size is especially long, coming in at 37” x 23.6” x 15,” which is nearly 5” longer than the UPPAbaby Vista when folded. Definitely make sure this stroller fits in your trunk before committing! 


  • Weighing in at 30.8lbs, the Silver Cross Wave is a full 4.2lbs heavier than the UPPAbaby Vista, which is significant.


  • Coming in at $1299 for the base model, this luxury stroller definitely has a luxury price tag (compared to $999 for the UPPAbaby Vista). Thankfully, all the important accessories are included!

What are some great alternatives to the Silver Cross Wave?

Silver Cross Wave ($1299) vs. UPPAbaby Vista ($970)

I have a whole post on the pros and cons of the Silver Cross Wave vs. the UPPAbaby Vista here, but the TLDR is that personally, I'd get the UPPAbaby Vista because it's lighter and less expensive while still being plenty luxurious. However, if having the creme de la creme is important to you, the Silver Cross Wave may very well be the way to go.

Silver Cross Wave ($1299) vs. Joovy Qool ($440)

The Joovy Qool is in an entirely different league than the Silver Cross Wave. It is significantly less expensive, and significantly less luxurious. However, similar to the Wave, it is a highly functional stroller that converts into a double (and triple!) stroller, with ease.

Which strollers do I not recommend by comparison? 

Although the Baby Jogger City Select Lux ($750) and Baby Jogger City Select ($530) are similar, I prefer the Silver Cross Wave or the UPPAbaby Vista by a long shot. I also don't love the Nuna Demi Grow ($980), the Joolz Geo ($1050), or the Britax B-Ready ($540), because the second seat seat is positioned in such a way that it is all too easy to trip over. While all of these strollers have similar features, both the Wave and the Vista look and (most importantly) perform better than the alternatives currently available on the market today.

Prices in parentheses are for the single stroller models plus the bassinet accessory. Bassinets are sold separately and are included for comparison purposes, since both the Silver Cross Wave and UPPAbaby Vista come with bassinets included.

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