The Best Baby Wipes

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Note: There is no one universal “best,” especially when it comes to parenting. These are “The Best Baby Wipes” based on Also Mom's strict criteria, detailed here. 

Technically, baby wipes are for wiping baby bottoms, but we all know parents use wipes for just about anything and everything– from runny noses to sticky hands, icky surfaces to everyday messes.These are our favorite wipes, in loose order of preference. Wipes 1 through 4 are all rated a 1 (the best score) on the EWG Skin Deep Database. Wipes 5 through 12 are all rated a 2, with some ingredients rated 3 or 4. For in-depth reviews of each product, check out the full product review.

  1. Water Wipes ($0.10/wipe) – Our top pick for best baby wipes for sensitive skin and best compostable wipes, the only ingredients in Water Wipes' solution are water and one drop of grapefruit seed extract, which we love. The wipe itself is also commercially compostable. Some find this wipe to be too wet though, in which case, try Honest Co. wipes instead. [full review]
  2. Honest Co. Wipes ($0.07/wipe) – Super grippy, not too wet, and available via the Honest Co. subscription plan, Honest Co. wipes are tied for our top pick for best baby wipes for sensitive skin, though they are not compostable. [full review]
  3. Swisspers Cotton Pads & Water ($0.08/wipe) – This DIY solution is perfect for wiping sensitive bottoms, but it is obviously not ideal for the myriad other things parents clean with wipes, since you have to wet them. Swisspers are tied for our top pick for best baby wipes for sensitive skin and the runner up for best compostable wipes. [full review]
  4. GroVia Cloth Wipes & Water ($0.92/wipe) – Another DIY solution perfect for wiping sensitive bottoms, GroVia wipes are grippy while still being soft. They work for cleaning messes on the go, but you'll have to BYO water, BYO wet bag for storing the dirty ones, and wash them when you're through. [full review]
  5. Parasol Wipes ($0.08/wipe) – A great wipe that is wetter than Honest Co. while still being grippy with a cloth-like feel, the only thing we don't love about this wipe are the preservatives, which can irritate some very sensitive bums. [full review
  6. Jackson Reece Unscented Wipes ($0.06/wipe) – A few “in the know” moms swear by these wipes, but they're difficult to find and contain preservatives. They're a great all around wet wipe if they're not too difficult to acquire. [full review
  7. Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes ($0.04/wipe) – Pampers' marketing states that these wipes are 99% water, which they are, but do know that the 1% contains preservatives and a few other EWG 3 ingredients that can irritate some (very) sensitive booties. Otherwise, this is a great all-around baby wipe with decent grip and wetness. [full review
  8. 7th Generation Free & Clear Wipes ($0.04/wipe) – Similar in price to Pampers Pure wipes, these wipes are a little wetter and not quite as cloth-like. Although many know 7th Generation as a “green” company, these wipes are not particularly eco-friendly (on par with Pampers in this category). [full review
  9. Naty Wipes – Fragrance Free ($0.06) – We love that these are compostable wet wipes, but they contain preservatives that can irritate very sensitive bottoms. If your baby isn't irritated by those ingredients and compositing is important to you, these wipes are 60% the cost of Water Wipes. [full review
  10. Pampers Sensitive Wipes ($0.02/wipe) – Easy to buy just about anywhere, these wipes are totally fine for all but the most sensitive of bottoms (because, again, these contain preservatives and mild fragrance-free lotions). [full review
  11. Huggies Natural Care Wipes ($0.02/wipe) – Pretty much the same story as Pampers Sensitive, and a very similar price point, these wipes also include an EWG 4 ingredient– malic acid– which is used to restore skin pH but can irritate sensitive skin. [full review
  12. Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Wipes ($0.02/wipe) – Very similar to Huggies Natural Care wipes in almost all ways, except slightly less soft. [full review
  13. Up & Up Unscented Wipes ($0.02/wipe) – Similar to Pampers and Huggies, Target Up & Up unscented wipes are inexpensive and totally passable. Instead of containing an EWG 3 preservative, Up & Up wipes contain phenoxyethanol, which is EWG 4. [full review

Things to Consider

They're baby wipes… how complicated can they be? But really, before you settle on a brand, it's worth considering these two things.

  1. How many wipes do you use? Are you the type who cleans up every little mess/questionable surface/sticky face with a wet wipe? If cost is a concern, you might opt for a less expensive wipe. If the environment is a concern, you might want something compostable or washable.
  2. How sensitive is your baby's skin? If it's super sensitive, opt for something with an EWG rating of 1. If it's less sensitive, an EWG rating of 2 could be just fine for your baby. (We don't recommend any wipes with an EWG rating higher than 3.)

Which Are the Best Wipes for Your Babe's Booty (and Messy Face… and Sticky Hands… and…)?

If your baby has super sensitive skin… Water WipesHonest Co. wipes, Swisspers pads with warm water, or GroVia cloth wipes with warm water are the way to go. All other wipes reviewed here include preservatives, which may irritate very sensitive bottoms.

If you are very budget conscious and plan to use a lot of baby wipes… Pampers Sensitive wipesHuggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free wipes, and Up & Up Unscented wipes all cost about $0.02 per wipe. Pampers Aqua Pure wipes and 7th Generation Free & Clear wipes both cost about $0.04 per wipe. GroVia cloth wipes with warm water are another great solution, but you'll have to wash them.

If you want a compostable baby wipe… Water WipesNaty Wipes, and Jackson Reece Unscented Wipes are commercially compostable. If you're willing to add water yourself, Swisspers pads are also compostable.

Our Process

To us, the best wipes are…

  • Free from harmful chemicals–including fragrances– and score as low as possible on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database (only 1s and 2s made the cut, and nothing with an ingredient rated higher than a 4 made the cut)
  • Soft and comfortable on baby’s sensitive skin
  • Wet enough and textured enough to handle messes
  • Environmentally considerate, with bonus points for being commercially compostable

What Didn't Make the Cut

Any baby wipe rated a 3 or higher on the EWG scale did not make the cut. This includes brands like Burt's Bees and anything scented.

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