Cloth Diapering Accessories

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Planning to cloth diaper? You'll need a few additional accoutrements to make the process go smoothly.

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Changing Station

In addition to your cloth diapers, you'll need a few accessories at your changing station.

  • Diaper Rash Cream – You can check out our article on this topic to choose the one that's best for you. We like Motherlove Diaper Balm.
  • Diaper Liners ($20/10 liners) – Even when using “cloth diaper-safe” diaper rash cream, it's best to use a fleece diaper liner to protect the absorbency of your cloth diapers. We like these ones from Kangacare. One pack of ten should do you fine.
  • Large Hemp Inserts ($19 for 4) – Add one of these to your pocket diapers at night for extra absorption.
  • Small Hemp Inserts ($19 for 4) – Add one of these to your all-in-one diaper during the daytime for extra absorption when needed.
  • Cloth Wipes ($11/12 wipes) – Spray your cloth wipes with a little water and clean as you would with a disposable wipe. Then throw your cloth wipes in with your cloth diaper laundry. We like these soft, all-purpose wipes from GroVia, but there are lots of options out there if you care to do some additional sleuthing.
  • Spray Bottle ($7) – Keep a spray bottle full of water at your changing station so you can easily wet your cloth wipes without having to run to the bathroom for water.
  • Ubbi Diaper Pail ($70) – Store dirty diapers here before washing. We love the Ubbi especially, because it allows you to use your own diaper pail liners. See our review of the best diaper pails here. (Ubbi is our hands down fave.)
  • Reusable Diaper Pail Liner ($20) – Stick this reusable diaper pail liner in your Ubbi, then throw it in the wash (inside out) when you do your cloth diaper laundry. We like these ones from Rumparooz, but if you do an Amazon search for “reusable diaper pail liner,” you'll get a variety of options. You'll want two of these.


These are the things you'll need to rinse poop from your cloth diapers before washing. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you can skip this step for the first few months.

  • Diaper Sprayer ($40) – Diaper sprayers attach to your toilet so you can spray off solids before throwing your diapers in the washer. There are a bunch of choices on Amazon and most are created pretty equally. We've tried and like this best seller from Smarter Fresh.
  • Diaper Splash Guard ($25-50) – You definitely need one of these if you don't want poop water splattering all over your bathroom. (The horror.) We like the Spray Pal ($25), since it gets the job done and can be folded flat. If you want a more heavy duty solution, opt for the SprayMate ($50), which is bulkier, more expensive, and does a slightly better job preventing unwanted splashes.

On the Go

Cloth diapering while out and about is totally do-able, especially if you're heading home later that day. Just store wet and dirty diapers in a wet bag within your diaper bag. When you get home, you can spray off dirty diapers, then dump both the diapers and the dirty wet bag into your diaper pail for future washing.

  • Wet Bags ($5-20 each) – We like this wet bag from Planet Wise because it contains stink well, but there are tons of cheaper options that work fine if you search “wet bag” on Amazon. You'll need at least four of these.

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