GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper

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GroVia Hybrid diapers give you lots of options, and because your baby will typically only soil the soaker pads instead of the entire diaper like in an all in one or pocket diaper system, instead of buying 24 diapers for your stash, you can get away with buying as few as 8 to 10. However, this only makes your diapering system less expensive if you go with cheap soaker pad options, like prefolds (~$8 each). If you use the GroVia soaker pads ($16.95 each), you won't be saving any money. This diaper is bulky and will limit your baby's wardrobe options, but it works well, is super absorbent when used with the right soaker pads, is simple to clean and easy for caregivers to use. You can even use these diapers with disposable soaker pads if you're not totally committed to the cloth diaper concept.

Things We Love

  • One Size Diaper: This diaper fits babies 8-30 lbs, though it starts to fit babies well without looking overly bulky around 12+ pounds.
  • Fits All Babies Well: We like this diaper best once it’s in its largest size, and it seems to fit older infants and toddlers especially well. When it’s snapped down to a smaller rise, it fits smaller babies well too, though like all cloth diapers, you’ll have to adjust the liners so they don’t bunch up on baby’s skin.
  • Easy to Clean: This is one of the easier diapers to clean since there aren’t many nooks and crannies. Solids usually end up on the top soaker pad, which you can easily rinse.
  • Simple Laundry Process: Rinse off solids. Remove the inner liners. Place soiled liners in diaper pail and reuse outer shell OR remove soiled liners and place both shell and liners in diaper pail. Rinse cold. Wash hot. Hang dry for longevity or machine dry low for sanity. Snap liners back into diapers. Put away.
  • Very Absorbent: When you buy GroVia Soaker Pads, you get two super absorbent pads, one smaller and one larger. You use the smaller pad for small infants, the larger pad for larger infants, and both pads together for heavy wetters and toddlers. Using both pads together, this diaper can handle a lot of liquid input and is great for overnight wear. For an extra $2, you can upgrade to organic cotton soaker pads.
  • BioSoakers Optional: Don’t want to deal with poop on the go? You can use the GroVia Hybrid with BioSoakers, $19.99 for a box of 50. You won’t be saving money over traditional disposable diapers by using these (they are about the same cost as Honest Co. diapers), but they do use less material and therefore produce less waste. We don’t recommend using BioSoakers as your go-to, but they are a good backup.
  • Leak and Blowout Free: Thanks to the adjustable fit and high quality elastic, GroVia Hybrid diapers contain leaks and prevent blowouts, though leaks are a possibility once the absorbent pads are soaked through.
  • Easy to Assemble: Compared to pocket diapers, GroVia Hybrid diapers are ridiculously easy to assemble– just snap the liners into place. That said, some choose to pinch pennies by buying only 6-8 diaper shells and 24 liners, only washing the shell once it gets wet or soiled (which is not often, since the liners take the brunt of it). This means they have to snap in new liners mid diaper change, which can be tough with a squirmy toddler.
  • Easy for Caregivers: This diaper goes on in one piece and is super easy for caregivers if you give them enough diapers to avoid having to add new soaker pads to previously used diapers. If caregivers have to snap in new liners mid-diaper change, it can be more challenging.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Bulky Fit: The GroVia Hybrids have a bulky fit and only fit well under certain types of clothes, like harem pants and loose-fitting joggers.
  • Must Attach New Soaker Pads Throughout Day: If you do buy only 8 to 10 diapers, you'll need to reattach soaker pads either mid-change, or have a few diapers on rotation throughout the day and reattach the pads as you go. This is not a huge deal, but can be confusing to caregivers.
  • Confusing (Expensive) Purchasing System: You'll want to buy at least 8 to 10 shells and 24 soaker pads. Assuming you choose not to use inexpensive prefolds (which are harder to use), this is a significantly more expensive cloth diapering system.

GroVia Hybrid Alternatives

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