Mountain Buggy Nano Review

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The Mountain Buggy Nano is significantly less expensive than the Babyzen YOYO, but it also does a lot less and has a few obnoxious design flaws. The main strike against the Nano is the placement of the foot brake, which tends to get accidentally kicked all too often (bringing the stroller to an abrupt halt) and the low handlebar height, which makes this stroller suboptimal for parents taller than 5'10. On the plus side, the Nano is the only stroller that is compatible with a convertible car seat, the Cosco Scenera, which is an amazing feature for air travel with toddlers or for carless city dwellers who rely on Uber to get from A to B (and in our opinion, the only reason you would buy this stroller over similarly priced alternatives.) 

Things We Love

  • Looks Nice in Black: The Nano looks simple and modern in black. We don’t love the exposed brake cabling, but at a $250 price point, it’s to be expected.
  • Lightweight and Portable: At 13 pounds, the Nano is literally half the weight of full-sized strollers like the UPPAbaby Vista.
  • Easy, Super Compact Fold: In three steps, the Nano folds into a carry-on sized package. The handlebar must be secured with the velcro strap before collapsing the rest of the stroller, which can be a bit of a pain, but it doesn't take more than a few seconds.
  • Ugly Bassinet Available: The Nano can be equipped with a “Newborn Cocoon,” sold separately for $69.99. It is not attractive, but it will get the job done for less than half the price of the Babyzen Yoyo 0+. And it’s only for a few months.
  • Deep Recline; Adjustable Footrest: The Nano reclines into a comfortable napping position and has an adjustable (albeit short) footrest.
  • Decent Storage Space: For such a compact stroller, the Nano has a decent amount of under-stroller storage. You can easily fit a diaper bag and a blanket or two, but not much more.
  • Small Wheels; Rear Wheel Suspension: Although the Nano’s wheels are small, they are equipped with rear wheel suspension to make bumpy rides smoother. The ride is not quite as smooth as the YOYO’s, but for a travel stroller, it’s pretty good.
  • Jankily Compatible With All Infant Car Seats: Because the Nano uses a strap system to secure infant car seats, nearly all infant car seats are compatible. Note: Attaching an infant car seat is not a simple single click install as with most other strollers, but it is secure and not all that difficult.
  • Compatible with Cosco Scenera for Air Travel: Through an intelligent hack, you can secure a Cosco Scenera convertible car seat to the Nano. This is super convenient for air travel and is unique to the Nano and the Scenera.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Really Annoying Brake Placement: The foot brake is all too easy to kick while you’re strolling, bringing the stroller to a screeching halt. (We’ve never experienced this problem with other strollers.) This is the most egregious of the Nano's three main flaws.
  • Stupid Harness System: The five point harness has four attachment points instead of the usual two, which means more time spent buckling in. Not ideal.
  • Too Short for Taller Parents: With a handlebar reaching only about 38 inches, this is one of the shortest travel strollers out there and makes it very uncomfortable for parents over six feet tall to push this stroller.
  • Not Modular: The Nano is forward-facing only and does not have a parent-facing option. This is standard for compact strollers.
  • Not Convertible to a Double Stroller; Impractical Board for Older Children: The Nano does not convert to a double stroller and although it is compatible with the Freerider Kiddie Board for older children, the board itself is completely impractical and will get in the way of actually pushing the stroller.
  • Minimal Accessories Included: The Nano comes with straps and cords to secure just about any infant car seat. All other accessories, including the bassinet, are sold separately.

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