ZOE XLC BEST v2 Review

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The Zoe XLC Best V2 is awesome, but it has some limitations– namely that it is not suitable from birth. We love most everything about it, especially its ridiculously easy, ridiculously compact fold, its oversize canopy, and its comfortable ride. This stroller does not accept infant car seats and is not compatible with a bassinet, so it is not suitable for babies younger than about six months, but hey, it's easier to tote them around in a baby carrier at that age anyway!

Things We Love

  • Looks Nice in Black & Navy: The ZOE XLC BEST v2 looks simple and modern in both black and navy. 
  • Lightweight and Portable: At 11 pounds, the XLC BEST is the lightest stroller we recommend.
  • Super Easy, Super Compact Fold: Folding with the push of a button and the flick of a wrist, this stroller has by far the easiest folding and opening mechanisms. The resulting folded package is very compact, and similar in size to the folded Babyzen YOYO+.
  • Deep Recline; Adjustable Footrest: The XLC BEST reclines for comfortable napping position and has an adjustable (albeit short) footrest.
  • Decent Storage Space: For such a compact stroller, the XLC BEST has a decent amount of under-stroller storage. You can easily fit a diaper bag and a blanket or two, but not much more.
  • Small Wheels; Rear Wheel Suspension: Although the ZOEs wheels are small, they are equipped with rear wheel suspension to make bumpy rides smoother. The ride is not quite as smooth as the YOYO’s, but for a travel stroller, it’s pretty good.
  • Huge Canopy: The huge four-panel canopy provides great shade.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Not Suitable for Infants: The ZOE XLC BEST v2 is not compatible with infant car seats and does not have a bassinet attachment. It is best for babies six months and older, which is right about when you'd prefer to push them in a stroller than carry them in a carrier, wrap, or sling anyway.
  • Too Short for Taller Parents: With a handlebar reaching only about 40 inches, this stroller is uncomfortable for parents over six feet tall to push this stroller.
  • Not Modular: The XLC BEST is forward-facing only and does not have a parent-facing option. This is standard for compact strollers.
  • Not Convertible to a Double Stroller; Compatible with Buggy Board: The XLC BEST does not convert to a double stroller. It is, however, compatible with a ride along board for older children.
  • No Accessories Included: All accessories are sold separately, including the rain cover, travel bag, and parent console.

ZOE XLC BEST v2 Alternatives

  • If you want a travel stroller more suitable for parents over six feet tall… try the Babyzen YOYO+, GB Qbit Plus, Joovy Groove Ultralight, and Summer Infant 3D Lite.
  • If you want a travel stroller you can use from birth.. the Babyzen YOYO+ offers the option of a bassinet or a car seat. The GB Qbit Plus and the GB Pockit Plus are both compatible with car seats, but they do not have bassinet options in the US market at this time.

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