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All Four Carry Positions | Very Comfortable | Very Supportive | Infant-Friendly | Toddler-Friendly | Looks Like Baby Gear 

A lot of people love the Lillebaby Complete, and functionally, we understand why. Their carriers have all the bells and whistles, including lumbar support, well padded shoulder straps, and even neck support for tiny ones, all for a great price. But all those add-ons give the carrier a heavy duty “baby gear” look our vanity has a tough time accepting. If you're cool with the intense-looking neck support situation, as well as all the other details that make Lillebaby look a little “gear-y,” this might be the right carrier for you, especially at the ~$120 price point.

Lillebaby Complete @megcusick

Things We Love

  • Four of Four Carry Positions: The Lillebaby Complete does inward-facing, outward-facing, back carry, and side/hip carry ergonomically. 
  • Infant-Ready: The Lillebaby carrier does not need an infant insert and is safe for babies 7-45 pounds.
  • For Toddlers and Small Children Too: The Lillebaby Complete is rated for kiddos up to 45 pounds, which for those of you who haven’t memorized the pediatrician’s height/weight chart, is somewhere between ages 4 and 6.
  • Very Comfortable and Supportive: The Lillebaby Complete is well-padded at on the shoulder straps and waistband and is very comfortable for long wears.
  • Lumbar Support: Parents who love the Lillebaby Complete love it especially for its lumbar support, which is both effective and… bulky.
  • Neck Support: We love that tiny heads are supported by the Lillebaby, even if it doesn't look very cool.
  • Cooler Version Available: The Lillebaby Complete is cozier than it is cool, but the same Lillebaby carrier is available as the Lillebaby All Seasons, which zips open for more airflow, and Lillebaby Airflow, which is made of mesh and designed for hotter climates.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Pretty Over-Engineered Look: This carrier looks positively industrial with its neck support, giant front pocket, and extensive lumbar support. All of these things serve functions, of course, but they don’t look super great doing it.
  • Not Compact: Because of all the padding and lumbar support, the Lillebaby does not fold up small at all and does not fit nicely in a diaper bag.
  • Front Zippered Pocket: The Lillebaby Complete has a pocket on the front, which is both useful and moderately unattractive.

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