Happy Baby Carrier Review

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Inward-Facing and Back Carry Only | Looks Great | Folds Compact 

This is a fantastic-looking baby carrier (matched in looks by only the Sakura Bloom Scout) that allows for two carry styles– inward-facing and back carry. The Happy Baby Carrier folds compactly enough to fit in a diaper bag, is rated for kiddos up to 45 pounds, and is surprisingly comfortable given its minimal bells and whistles.

Happy Baby Carrier

Things We Love

  • Best Looking Infant & Toddler Carrier: Made of gorgeous linens in beautiful colors (you’ll covet all of them), the Happy Baby carrier has subtle stitching, nice trims, and classy hardware. This is by far the one of the best looking infant and toddler carriers available.
  • Infant-Ready: The Happy Baby carrier does not need an infant insert and is safe for babies up to 45 pounds. For tips on wearing your newborn in a Happy Baby carrier, click here.
  • For Toddlers and Small Children Too: The Happy Baby carrier is rated for kiddos up to 45 pounds, which for those of you who haven’t memorized the pediatrician’s height/weight chart, is somewhere between ages 4 and 6.
  • Surprisingly Comfortable: The Happy Baby carrier is only lightly padded at the shoulders, but its wider-than-average shoulder straps actually make it quite comfortable to wear.
  • Very Compact: This and the Sakura Bloom Scout are the only front-carry soft structured carriers we could find that fold compactly enough to fit in a diaper bag. It’s also 30-40% lighter than most other carriers out there.
  • Lightweight but Cozy: Thanks to the lightweight linen fabric, the Happy Baby carrier is comfortable in both warm and cool climates.
  • Bonus Features: The Happy Baby carrier has an oversized hidden pocket and purse holders on each shoulder strap so your diaper bag doesn’t keep slipping down while you’re babywearing. Genius.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Only Two of Four Carry Positions: Inward-facing and back carry are the only two options with the Happy Baby carrier. (These are our favorite positions anyway.)
  • Unpadded Seat: The seat on the Happy Baby carrier is unpadded. With a proper seat, this isn’t typically a problem, but some parents have had issues with the fabric cutting into small chunky thighs and leaving (non-permanent) red marks.

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How To

Buy It

  • Happy Baby Carrier – $148
  • Some colors occasionally on sale for as low as $125
  • For deals on used carriers, check your favorite carrier Buy/Sell/Trade group


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