Beco 8 Carrier Review

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All Four Carry Positions | Infant-Friendly | Toddler Friendly | Comfortable & Supportive | Limited Color Selection

A simple carrier that does it all– inward-facing, outward-facing, back carry, and side/hip carry, the Beco 8 is rated for babies 7-45 pounds and is both comfortable and nice-looking for parents of all shapes and sizes.

Beco 8

Things We Love

  • Four of Four Carry Positions: The Beco 8 does inward-facing, outward-facing, back carry, and side/hip carry ergonomically.
  • Infant-Ready: The Beco 8 comes with an infant insert and is safe for babies 7-45 pounds.
  • For Toddlers and Small Children Too: The Beco 8 is rated for kiddos up to 45 pounds, which for those of you who haven’t memorized the pediatrician’s height/weight chart, is somewhere between ages 4 and 6.  
  • Comfortable & Supportive: Thanks to the padded shoulder straps, waistband, and lumbar support, the Beco 8 is quite comfortable and fits most adults. 
  • Cool Mesh or Cozy: The Beco 8 has a zippered mesh panel that can be opened or left closed. It is still a thicker and cozier carrier than some of the other cool mesh options out there (like the Ergobaby Cool Mesh, for example), but will get the job done in warmer temperatures assuming it’s not positively sweltering. 
  • Zippered Pocket: The Beco 8 has a zippered pocket that is neatly hidden on the waistband.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Not Super Compact: Although the Beco 8 can be rolled in on itself, it is not nearly compact enough to fit easily in a diaper bag once rolled.
  • Limited Color Options: The Beco 8 looks sharp in Cool Dark Grey, the only color in which it is currently sold.

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Buy It

  • Beco 8 – $180
  • For deals on used carriers, check your favorite carrier Buy/Sell/Trade group


A Note: Beco and Boba merged forces in 2016, and although the brands remain independent, they have combined headquarters and operations.

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