Boba Carrier Review

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Inward-Facing and Back Carry Only

The Boba carrier is nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done and is both comfortable and looks nice enough doing it. It can be used for infants– though an (included) infant insert is required, which is sort of a hassle– and toddlers 7-45 pounds.

Boba Carrier

Things We Love

  • Comfortable: Thanks to the padded shoulder straps and waistband, the Boba is quite comfortable and fits most adults.
  • For Infants and Toddlers: The Boba comes with an infant insert for babies weighing as little as 7 pounds and is rated for kiddos up to 45 pounds, which for those of you who haven’t memorized the pediatrician’s height/weight chart, is somewhere between ages 4 and 6.
  • Great in Black: The Boba looks sharp in Slate (almost black), and not so sharp in many of the other colors in which it's sold.
  • Accessories Included: The Boba has a zippered pocket and comes with foot stirrups (which look pretty dorky honestly) and a hood in addition to the infant insert.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Two of Four Carry Positions: Inward-facing and back carry are the only two options with the Boba.
  • Messy Straps: The straps behind the shoulders and at the lower back adjust from both sides, which can tend to look a bit messy, since you’ll have twice as many straps dangling from your body as with the Ergobaby or the Happy Baby carriers. However, these straps are a bit easier to adjust for those with limited shoulder mobility.
  • Infant Insert Required for Wee Ones: The Boba comes with an infant insert and is safe for babies 7-45 pounds.
  • Not Super Compact: Although the Boba can be rolled in on itself, it is not nearly compact enough to fit nicely in a diaper bag once rolled.
  • Cozier Than Cool: Made with 100% cotton, the Boba is lightweight enough for warmer temperatures, but not for particularly hot ones.

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