ErgoPouch ErgoCocoon Review

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The ErgoCocoon looks great, comes in a variety of tog weights (0.2, 1.0, and 2.5), and comes in two sizes. It is very simple to use– one zip and you're done. Because of the single zipper system, you cannot easily leave this sleep sack on for nursing or bottle feeding sessions, assuming you want baby's arms free, and baby will have a bit of arm freedom within the swaddle, which some babies appreciate and others do not. 

Things We Love

  • Bright, Beautiful White: There’s nothing like a newborn in bright, beautiful white. The ErgoCooon comes in white in all three togs (0.2, 1.0, and 2.5). It is also available in a variety of other nice colors and patterns.
  • Snug and Secure with Some Arm Freedom: Assuming you have the correct size, one zip and your baby is swaddled securely. Within the zipped swaddle, your baby will have some arm freedom, but there will be no Houdini-style escape artistry.
  • Light, Medium, and Heavyweight Togs: The ErgoCocoon comes in 0.2, 1.0, and 2.5 tog, which covers just about all nursery climate conditions.
  • Two Sizes: The ErgoCocoon is available in two sizes– 0-3 months (6-14 pounds) and 3-12 months (14-23 pounds).
  • Three Swaddle Options: The ErgoCocoon allows for arms in, one arm out, or both arms out.
  • Easy Diaper Changes: The two-way zipper makes swaddled diaper changes possible.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Easy but Not Foolproof: To swaddle, place baby on top of the ErgoCocoon and zip everything in. For some babies, it’s as easy as that. For squirmier babes, this “zip everything in” bit can prove challenging, and you may wish you had a third hand for the job.
  • Not So Easy for Feeding: In order to feed with the arms out, you’ll have to take off the ErgoCocoon entirely.

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