Shnuggle Baby Bath Review

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You wouldn't think this bath would be as awesome as it is, but the Shnuggle Baby Bath is truly great! The reclined backrest and “bum bump” make this tub perfect for bathing slippery, uncoordinated newborns, and the tub is large enough for baby's first year or so (at which point they're more than ready to take a bath in the large tub anyway). We love that this bath allows for full body submersion, can be placed up at counter height for those with back issues, and looks nice (for a glorified bucket).

Things We Love

  • Great for Newborns: The Shnuggle Baby Bath features a reclined backrest and a pretty significant “bum bump,” which does a surprisingly great job at preventing baby from slipping. This allows parents to spend more time washing and playing and less time trying to hold baby in a somewhat comfortable position with one hand while washing/multitasking with the other.
  • Full Body Submersion = Warm, Happy Babies: The best part about this tub is that, because of the pretty upright recline and deep bucket-like nature of the tub design itself, baby’s body can be almost completely submerged in water while their airways remain above it all. Almost every other tub out there puts baby at a super steep recline, which exposes their bellies to the air while their backs are submerged in water. This keeps their airways clear, but it also leads to cold, unhappy babies. With the Shnuggle Baby Bath, this isn’t a problem!
  • Good for Independent Sitters: This tub is designed for the first twelve months, and is just as great for early independent sitters as it is for newborns.
  • Kitchen Sink, Countertop, Floor, Bath or Shower Use: Measuring 13.5 by 10 inches at the base and 24 by 15 inches at the top, this tub can easily be used in most kitchen sinks. It can also easily be placed on countertops for newborn use, on the floor with a towel, or in the bath or shower.
  • Looks Nice: For a glorified bucket, the Shnuggle looks pretty nice. We like it best in White with Grey (neutrals!), but it also comes in White with Blue and White with Pink.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Not for Older Toddlers: This tub is too small for older toddlers, and is typically outgrown around twelve months.
  • Pretty Bulky: The Shnuggle is ultimately a big bucket, and doesn’t store anywhere particularly elegantly. Many parents leave this tub in their bathtub when they’re not using it.

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