Super Thrifty + Also Mom


The budget is tight around these parts, but that doesn’t mean you’re about to settle for ugly junk. Quality is important to you, and you’re willing to look far and wide to find great deals on the things you love. 

You’ve mastered the art of buying secondhand. Craigslist, garage sales, Facebook Marketplace… there are great deals to be had everywhere if you’re willing to look. (And you’re always willing to look.) You also know how to shop smart, and you’re amazing at figuring out which compromises you can live with and which of life’s luxuries you’d prefer not to live without. 

Your friends love your style and always ask you where you picked up that newest thing. You integrate bargain buys with more expensive pieces you save up for throughout your home and life, and somehow the whole thing comes off as insanely elevated. Turns out you don’t have to be a big spender to have covet-worthy possessions, you just have to hone the art of the find!



That you’re here means we probably have a lot in common.

Like me, you’re a minimalist at heart, and one of your biggest sources of stress as a mother (even before giving birth!) has been the maximalist vibes coming at you from all corners of the parenting universe. Not to mention the sheer cost of it all.

Everyone makes it seem like you need so much stuff to nail this whole motherhood thing, and even though you know in your heart that parenting can’t possibly be all that complicated, you find yourself spending hours researching the softest diapers, the best stroller, the safest car seat, and all the perfect little details for baby’s nursery (not to mention how to have a healthy and blissful pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience).

It’s all so overwhelming and you’re probably beginning to see that the cards are majorly stacked against you.

Here's the problem...

  • Everyone is giving you advice, and much of it is conflicting and/or doesn’t line up with your personal values.
  • It takes forever to find the exact right products that meet both your needs and your aesthetic preferences.
  • Instagram and Facebook are constantly bombarding you with awesome-looking products, but it’s impossible to determine which is actually the best.
  • It is super unclear what you actually need (and why) and what is just being sold to you because you have no idea what you’re doing and are therefore a painfully easy target.
  • There’s so much information in general and it’s unclear what is actually important without sifting through it all yourself.

If you find yourself nodding along, it's likely that you're still looking for your ideal guide—a mama friend, wise woman, and soul sister to help you discover your motherhood path and lead you around the traps and nonsense everyone else has placed along the way.

This is why I created Also Mom and—more specifically—the Also Mom 0-6 Month Buying Guides. They are your cheat sheet to nailing early motherhood.

The Thrifty + Also Mom Buying Guides will help you...

  • Find the exact right products for your style and needs.
  • Sort through which products are actually the best for you (not your sister, your mom, or the lady who awkwardly touched your belly at the grocery store checkout).
  • Sort out what you need from what you may just want and help you prioritize accordingly.
  • Get consistent high-quality advice from a consistent trusted perspective.
  • Distill down all the information to just what you need to know now (there are future guides for future problems).
  • Help you develop the standard by which you want to live your motherhood experience, on your terms.

I can’t tell you there is any one perfect path, because that’d just be more nonsense. But I can absolutely show you a more fulfilling, more easeful, and more beautiful path through motherhood (which is the rest of our lives after all!) than the one you might otherwise take.

*Note: Although there is no Super Thrifty + Also Mom buying guide just yet, the Thrifty buying guide will get you most of the way there. Just know you'll need to make a few minor adjustments. (Email me if you need help choosing something specific!)


I'm Megan Guimarin, founder and curator-in-chief behind everything you'll find here on Also Mom.

Consider me the gatherer—of information, people, and wisdom. I seek out, discover, and share all the good stuff. I bring together women who have been transformed by motherhood and who still have big identities beyond their role as moms. I pursue the truth of truths, gathering wisdom new and ancient to help make this motherhood journey more fulfilling and more fun.

Basically, I'm that mom friend you want in your corner, saving you time, money, and countless headaches.

More about me? I'm a little bit of all the archetypes you see here on Also Mom. I'm definitely a minimalist above all others. I'm also an athlete (yogi, rock climber, and retired World Champion equestrian vaulter to name a few), an adventurer (backcountry skiing is my jam), an entrepreneur, a lover of beautiful things/places/people, and in my heart of hearts, I aspire to become a wise and mystical home birth midwife when I grow up. I'm also a mom.

I created Also Mom because there's a tremendous amount of baby-related junk and "best practices" out there that are decidedly not the best under any circumstances. (In some cases, they're downright harmful.) I wanted to weed those out for you right off the bat.

There are also a lot of quality products and highly qualified experts out there proclaiming to be the best. In some cases, they really are the best (or may be the best for you, which is equally important!) and I want to sing their praises from the rooftops. In other cases (cough—luxury diapers—cough), they may just be charging big bucks for a product that is not, in fact, all that different from a lot of other similar products, so you should stop agonizing over what's "best" and just choose what you like.

Here's what I've discovered: Small choices and everyday habits may not be interesting enough to make headlines, but I strongly believe that these are the very things that can add up to a beautiful life.

That's why I search far and wide for the absolute best products, advice, and resources for moms.

I want you to live a beautiful life, and I'm betting you want the same.


My standards are sky high, and so are yours.

I started Also Mom because I wanted to help moms sift through the marketing hype and overeager shouts of thousands of brands proclaiming to be “the best.”

I’m talking lists of “must have” baby items, often sponsored by brands themselves, featuring a bunch of junk no one actually needs.

I’m talking buzz words and artificial metrics that mean nothing.

I’m talking brands capitalizing on parents’ well-meaning but all-too-easily persuadable desire to provide “the best” for their baby.

Kind of a minefield, right?

I sift so you don’t have to, and I keep sifting until all the nonsense is removed and only the actual best of the best remains.