Nuna Rava Review

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Best Looking Convertible Car Seat | Super Safe | Extended Rear-Facing (50lbs) | Foolproof Install | Too Wide for 3-Across

The Nuna Rava is the nicest-looking convertible car seat on the market, and it looks at home in even the fanciest of cars and SUVs. The Rava is super safe, featuring extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds, is newborn compatible, and is ridiculously easy to install and adjust. The only two bummers about this seat are, one, it is too wide to fit three car seats across in a single back row, which could be important for parents with three or more children, and two, it can also get a bit toasty in hot weather.

Things We Love

  • Beautiful Design: This car seat is beautiful, and you can’t go wrong with any of the color options.
  • Super Safe: The Nuna Rava features side impact protection, energy absorbing foam, an all steel frame, and a reinforced belt path.
  • Rear-Facing Until 50 Pounds: The Rava comfortably supports rear-facing until a whopping 50lbs, which is around year four of a child’s life. The fact is, the longer a child can rear-face, the safer they’ll be in the event of a collision. Even once a toddler/small child’s legs are scrunched up against the back seat, it is still significantly safer to ride rear-facing than forward-facing. (Cue to 1:30 in this kind of disturbing video to learn more.)
  • No-Rethread Harness: The 10-position height adjustable headrest automatically positions the harness into the correct spot. The two position crotch strap is also no-rethread and super simple to reposition.
  • Foolproof Install: “Belt is best” with the Nuna Rava, and although it accepts a LATCH install also, the seat belt install is both very easy and super safe.
  • Easy Recline: The Nuna Rava features a 10-position recline with the push of a button.
  • Newborn Compatible; Recline Not Ideal: The Rava is suitable for babies five pounds and up using the included infant inserts. However, for very small infants in cars with very sloped seats, the Nuna Rava may not recline enough for a comfortable position until baby is a little bit larger.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Too Wide for Three Across: If you need to fit three carseats in your backseat, the Nuna Rava is not for you.
  • Heavy: At 27.2 pounds, the Rava is not a car seat you want to be moving from car to car with any sort of frequency. (Most people rarely move their convertible car seats from car to car, so weight is really not much of an issue.)
  • A Bit Toasty: All car seats can get hot, but the Nuna Rava tends to be one of the sweatier ones out there. Although it has breathable knit fabric and ventilation panels, it still seems to get a bit toasty in hot weather. If you live where it gets hot, make sure to cover the car seat with a blanket when you leave your car in the sun.

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