Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review

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The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a video and audio baby monitor that camouflages beautifully in most nurseries, pairs with iOS and Android devices, and has all sorts of nifty features like cry detection and movie making tools. At its core, it's a solid WiFi video baby monitor, with night vision and high quality 720p video. It automatically records any crying events so you can look back and assess what happened, and if you buy the Lollipop Sensor (sold separately for $55), the app will also track temperature, humidity, and air quality data from your baby's room. The big bummer about this baby monitor (and all WiFi monitors in general) is that it is trivially easy to hack, so if you prefer privacy over convenience, this monitor is not for you.

Things We Love

  • Nice Pastel Colors: The Lollipop camera is available in three soft pastel colors– light green, light blue, and light pink silicone supporting a sleek black and white camera. The flexible shape is great for wrapping around a crib, fashioning into a stand on a bookshelf or perching on a door knob. We’d like this camera better if it came in white, but the three colors they do have will look good in most nurseries regardless.
  • WiFi Connection: The Nest cam pairs with your smartphone or tablet via WiFi, which means it works anywhere you have a signal. This is great for those with strong WiFi connections, and not great for those with spotty signals.
  • 720p Video + Night Vision: The Lollipop camera records high quality 720p video and has infrared technology for night vision.
  • Recording Included: The app automatically records any crying event so that you can look back at it and assess what happened, and you can also record footage whenever you please. All recordings are stored in the cloud on Lollipop’s dime.
  • Cry Detection: The Lollipop camera can tell the difference between crying and other ambient or background noise. When it hears crying or fussing, it will notify you.
  • Additional Room Data: The Lollipop camera also keeps track of a bunch of other data that could help you figure out why your baby was crying in the first place. With the Lollipop Sensor (sold separately for $55), you can see data on temperature, humidity, and air quality.
  • Audio Mode: Overnight or whenever you don’t need an eye on your babe, you can switch the monitor into audio mode. It plays on your phone the same way music does, allowing you to turn off your screen and even access different (soundless) apps in the background.
  • Supports Multiple Cameras: If you have more than one baby you want to watch or listen for, the Lollipop app supports that. Just buy an additional camera and set it up via the app.

Things We Don't Love As Much

  • Security Concerns: WiFi is hardly the most secure way to deliver video, and if you don't want some rando to be able to access to footage of your sleeping babe, you'll want to stay away from WiFi baby monitors altogether since they are trivially easy to hack. (This might not concern you at all, which is why we still recommend this monitor.)
  • No Separate Display: This camera pairs with a smartphone or tablet (both iOS and Android) and does not have a separate display. In order to view/hear your baby, you must have the Lollipop app open on your device. If you close the app, Lollipop will send you notifications to let you know when your baby makes noise or moves within designated zones, but you will not hear your baby cry unless you open the app (or have a separate sound monitor, like the inexpensive VTech).

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